Lu rusciu de lu mare

Giuliano Sangiorgi, voice of the celebrated Italian band Negramaro, goes back to his roots and sings for the first time in the dialect of his native Salento, a region in southern Italy's Apulia. The idea first entered his mind when he overheard one of Apulia's traditional songs, Lu rusciu de lu mare, re-interpreted with a mediterranean jazz sound by Locomotive, another well known band from Salento. The result is this video - premiering on - a component of the band's new album, produced by the jazz trumpet prince, Paolo Fresu. For this project, Fresu chose to involve the label he personally founded three years ago: Tuk music. Featuring high quality sounds, ethnic roots and an underlying jazz structure, the sound is a crossover that distills Southern Italian identity and is gracefully reflected in this video. 


Regia: Tiziano Russo
Fotografia: Vito Frangione
Costumi: Valeria Bernini
Trucco: Paola Errico
Montaggio: Enrico De Paulis
Produzione: Made On – Tuk Music